I had been working there for 1 year. That man, Georges, was only part-time at the office…around 60 years old. I did not know him very well, but some of my female co-workers had already talked about him staring at their breasts and that sort of things. One day, I was at the photocopier, in the hall, and he got behind me. I noticed him, but made no case. Strangely, I knew something was going to happen and I was wondering what. First thing I knew, he was slapping my bum (gently) with a rolled up sheet of paper, saying “Good morning!”. I turned around, my face burning with anger and said loud enough for everybody in the hall to hear: “Not too self-conscious, this morning, Mr. Georges, are you?” He muttered something and kept his head down. No one around looked like they were aware of what had happened. Everything carried on as usual. But I was proud of myself and made sure to tell my story to each of my co-workers who had a similar experience with that man. I no longer work there. Hope Georges reviewed his old-fashioned way to consider and treat women. But what’s important is the strength I gained.


A friend and I were out to get a drink around 7 pm one evening. Not thinking about our clothing choices, we both headed downtown with the crops tops we had been wearing that day. We were stopped by a few men sitting outside the bar, who told us how pretty we were…etc etc. As soon as we started to walk away I heard one say (and I quote) “wrap it up twice for those two”. Men we had never met before, assuming our consent and sexual history based on our clothing choices. I’m angry everyday.


I was out for a run this evening, enjoying the warm sunny weather. I am training for a marathon so I’m out running most evenings and I have met plenty of pleasant people. Unfortunately this evening I was passed by two ignorant men in a red transit van who beeped the horn at me as I was waiting to cross the road. One of them shouted “GIVE US A SMILE SEXY”. All I could do was gesture at them but they couldn’t meet my eye. Why do some men think this is acceptable or entertaining? I was so angry because I am working hard to achieve something and yet because I am a woman I was made to feel self-conscious and even slightly ashamed of my body.