ayia napa

Night out with friends

Ok I’m not sure if this is sexism but it was by far the most scary and humiliating thing I have experienced in my life. I was on a night out with some gal pals to celebrate my friends birthday, and we met a group of lads who were being quite overtly sexual and a bit creepy. We all tried to move away from the group but one of them grabbed my hand and pulled me in to try and kiss me. I had done nothing to provoke this, as I have a boyfriend and I was not interested, and so covered my mouth with my hand just in time before contact was made. The man then laughed at me and told me that he was going to “rape me so I could see what I was missing out on”. He followed me to the toilets that I ran to in an attempt to get away, and waited for me outside the door so I no way of getting away. I eventually told a bar lady who informed a bouncer and as him removed. It was so scary especially as we are only 18 and that was my first proper clubbing experience !!!!