A few weekends ago I was hanging out with a few gal pals and one of them told a story about how she went to a club to dance with their friends who were all female. A man came up to them and began grinding one of of them, she said to him “Sorry we aren’t interested we are just here to dance with each other” Then he tried to dance with the other women in group and stayed with them until another male noticed their distress and approached and danced with them to scare him away. To my friends I said: “It is really awful that males feel like they can do whatever they want with women if another male isn’t “claiming” them and that we need men to “save” us from men” To which another one of my female friends responds: “yeah but at least it’s nice they do it” Come on ladies! You have to stand up for women or else no one will! It’s a societal problem that men don’t respect womens’ authority and boundaries don’t accept as part of life it doesn’t have to be this way.


My boyfriend tonight told me what he thought was a funny story about a guy he works with playing a game in a bar for fun. In this game you get 5 points for touching a girls boob with your elbow, 10 points if you touch her boob with both elbows. Failed to see the funny side of this, to which I was made feel bad for making him feel awkward telling the story…


Just went into a bar alone. There was a table full of men behind me. One came up and said “Excuse me, can you turn around?” My friends like the behind and they want to see the front”