I hate it when people expect woman to look “normal” like shave there legs or wear makeup and “dress up” when men don’t have to


On facebook I was tagged in a “challenge” post which challenged me to post three photos of myself which I thought were my best. The point was to promote women’s physical beauty and improve self-confidence, and whilst it’s a noble goal it still puts the emphasis on the fact that all women are only on earth to look pretty. Anyway, I ignored the challenge for a day or two, then came up with an idea. I reposted the challenge with my three photos.. only they were photos of me at various running/swimming events I’ve entered. In none of the pictures do I look particularly attractive – dripping with sweat, exhausted, peculiar running faces, wearing a swim cap & wetsuit – but I put an explanation that these pictures made me feel so good about myself and my achievements and that I felt that was in the spirit of the challenge. The reaction from some of my so-called friends was horrendous – from well-meaning “but you’re so pretty you could have chosen better photos!” to downright rude “ew, that’s an ugly face!” and even “you missed the point, you were meant to post pics where you’re beautiful lol”. Ugh. I chose to post the pictures that made me feel good about myself, that gave me self-confidence and which I genuinely believe show my overall “beauty” – in terms of my personality, my achievements, my passions. Unfortunately I came away from it feeling dejected, ugly and insecure.


I was trying to get my male housemates to support my urging that beauty pageants are incredibly harmful for women and we should do away with them. In the course of our debate they said “there’s a male equivalent, besides we like watching hot women”, “she should have been de-crowned bc she got fat after winning” AND “you just want to get rid of the competition because you’re jealous those women are hot.”


I was just shopping online for a spa voucher to give my mum for her birthday, and found this wonderful advice: “You need to take care of your skin so that when you get caught with your face pressed up against the window of your love interest’s bedroom, they’re impressed rather than terrified.” Regardless of whether it was meant as a silly joke, (obviously no one behaves like that), someone, probably another woman, still wants to remind me that if we look after ourselves, the only reason is to make others feel better.