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My roommates and I were wrapping up our end of the summer party. We had hosted an awesome get together, and I was feeling great when I went into my bedroom. A friend of my roommates, Zach, followed me. He let himself in, and sat next to me on my bed without permission. I played nice, hoping he would get the hint that I wasn’t into him when I scooted away towards the wall. He pulled me back. Told me to just relax. I pulled away again, only for him to pull me back once more. Up until this point, I was being half-ass about my resistance. But at this point I said, clearly and articulately, “I’m just not interested in doing this with you.” He surprised me by rearing back and starting to cry! He asked me, “What guy hurt you?” and I wanted to say, “You”, but I was scared of him to be honest. He had almost 10 years on me, at least 100 pounds, and probably nearly a foot in height. He was a big guy. So I kept being nice. He got up from the bed, thankfully, and playfully tried to keep telling me what I was about to miss out on. I stood my ground and tried to nudge him towards the door, when he leaned in and tried to kiss me. I moved out of the way, and began yelling at him repeatedly, “Get out! Get out! Get out!” It took me probably 2 or 3 minutes of telling him to “Get out” before he finally did. When he left I jumped off my bed, repulsed by what had just happened on it, and sat on the floor trying not to cry. I know it could’ve been much worse, and he could’ve been a lot more forceful, but it was the closest I had ever come to being sexually assaulted. I wish I could say he’s just a sick guy. But he’s not alone. And we need to continue to speak up. Thank you for reading.