A kid in my grade, has a girlfriend, hitting on one of my friends. He has done this to multiple girls this year, while having the same girlfriend. Offhandly comments, ‘oh, she would be mad if she knew i was talking to other girls.’ Gives lewd winks and smiles to us, and when we get angry, ‘gals, I’m not mansplaining you, I’m just right’ says he is a huge supporter of gender equality. Yeah right. Nope. Prying into our personal lives, inquires about private group chats, says, “I’m your friend, that’s why it ok for me to know all about you.” Reached over to previously mentioned friend, pulls a hair, and says, “i’m gonna clone you. Maybe your clone will like me better” me and 2 other girls (both of whom he has hit on this year (cant help but think I’m next)) sit with him for 3 periods, and we are on a message stream together. We are in 6th grade. I do highlands dance, which requires complicated costuming, but a basic for all the costumes is a lace dicky pinned underneath the collar. At festivals and competitions, girls will walk around in just their bras and their dickies, with their kilts, because man, those black velvet jackets get hot! Well, apparently were hot without the jackets too. Men will get richer s to a competition or a Scottish festival just to stand around watching dancers stand around and warm up in sports bras with lace pinned to them, and swingy kilts with nothing on under but a pair of black booty shorts.


Five months ago I was at a friend’s birthday party. He lives far away from me, so it was arranged that the guests including myself and two girlfriends I shared a car with could spend the night. At about midnight me and a girlfriend go to bed since we’re really tired. About 4–clock I wake up from the feeling of hands on me – one of the other guests (a former classmate whom I’ve only spoken to a few times years ago) is fucking lying next to me trying to feel me up while he thinks I’m asleep. I get up, shaking with fear, and go to the kitchen where I find my guy friend (host of the party) telling him what happened. He tells me to sleep in the kitchen instead and says NOTHING to the creep in the bedroom. The next day, when I get home, I break down crying in front of my fiancée. He helps me call the cops to explain my situation. First, I talk to a male officer. He says “that I’m lucky that nothing more happened”. Next, I talk to a female officer (since I have also have to report the incident in the county where it took place). She takes my statement says that she’ll make sure they’ll give the creep a warning and stay in touch to let me know how the case develops. I never heard from them again. The next day I get a message from creepo saying “That he didn’t know what he ever did to me and that I should really think about the fact that I could ruin his life”… HIS. Life.


I was 10. I was walking to school, while walking on the street, I hear “pssst, pssst” I turn to the house at the other side of the road. A man looking out his window, standing naked his hand on his dick looking at me. Motioning me to walk towards him. I ignored him and kept walking and panicked. I am so disgusted that at 10 I had to experience something so traumatic.


In order to get away from her abusive husband, my 61 yr old mother recently moved into a small studio cabin among a group of other studio cabins. At dusk a few days ago, she was having a cigarette outside and chatting with neighbors when one neighbor said out of nowhere, “so, I’ll come over at nine.” She was confused and said “Wait, do you mean nine in the morning or nine at night?” (He clearly meant that same night.) He responded, “Tell you what, leave your shades open when you want company and closed when you don’t.” Now she’s keeping her shades closed all the time because her neighbor thinks he’s welcome to dictate what her open/closed shades *mean.*


So I’ve been working in this little café in France for a couple of months now. I’m the only waitress (it’s really little) so every day it’s just me and my boss. I’m 20 years old and my boss is about 50, additionally he’s told me has two daughters, so in my eyes his behaviours is even more inappropriate. He has a bit of a temper on him and switches between shouting at me for stupid little stuff, to being overly nice to me. Unfortunately what he regards as being ‘nice’ is him telling me I look beautiful repeatedly. Nice enough the first time, but obviously it makes me uncomfortable. Additionally he repeatedly refers to me as ‘baby’ and tells me I look ‘sexy’ even though I’ve told him that this isn’t appropriate. One time I wore white jeans and my boss would not stop talking about how my ass looked in them so I don’t dare wear them again. It gets super hot at work but I feel like I have to dress soo covered up to avoid my boss making comments. Even when I wear chiffon culottes my boss makes loads of excuses to touch them to ‘see what the material is like’. He’ll also pretend I have crumbs or chalk on my legs or ass so he can try and wipe it off. He also always asks me if I have a boyfriend, and when I say no, he says he’s surprised because I’m so ‘exigeant’ (oh btw he doesn’t speak a word of english, we’re in France here) and recently he’s started asking if I’m gay and have a girlfriend. Then yesterday a guy came in to fix the fan downstairs, I greeted him when he arrived, and he looked right through me as if I didn’t even exist and said to my boss ‘Where do you hide these beautiful girls and what do you do with them!’ I was so embarrassed and outraged. I’ve been trying to quit since May but my boss said that I’m obliged to stay all summer as thats what I said I would work however after this I’m 100% leaving at the end of the month.