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Laura M

Life in a small rural area means a sense of forced intimacy. There’s no getting around seeing your neighbours on the regular, as you shop, etc. This makes it particularly tricky when faced with someone overly “handsy” as I have been. His reputation speaks for itself. “Creepy, rapey, watch out”….. He told me himself that he’s “too strong” for most people. I’ve made it a habit to never, ever be alone with him. Last summer he cornered me, “helping” me put my groceries in my truck. He stood pointedly between the door and door frame. I’m hard-wired for politeness and live alone, so I struggle with being assertive enough to make the point but not put myself in harm’s way due to his shredded ego. He’s sizeable and menacing. I asked him politely to move. As I went to leave he suddenly went in for a hug. I kept my hands close to my body. He whispered creepily, “I just want to eat you up.” I replied, “not going to happen” and as he released me his hands grazed my breasts. Gross. Truly no describing how disgusted I feel at this creep. I told friends here and they generally agree, in that Weinstein way, that it’s “just how he is” and he’s “probably not going to change”…. None of the men here seem willing to take him on, despite plenty of stories of him getting aggressive with the local women. Disappointing and infuriating.