A friend of mine married to a man from a powerful family in China. One day after an quarrel, he attacked her from behind and kicked her really hard after she fell. One of her bones was broken and she suffered concussion. She went to live with her parents and dared not call the police. Her husband went to her parents’ apartment and banged on the door and shouted at them. ‘Luckily’ she divorced him in the end. The crime happened to me was not so physical but also very traumatising. My health is damaged, but when I tried to tell people about this, I didn’t get much support. A man I used to respect, my sort-of mentor said something like: is it worth throwing away your career for such a ‘minor crime’? Is truth more important than success? Now I don’t know if I still have a career with such health in such environment. China is the only country where women’s suicide rate is higher than men.The suicide rate of women and children in China is one of the highest in the world. China has the most distorted sex ratio. Sometimes, sexism=massacre.


Hi there, Last year I was on jury service In the first case the Barrister defending one of the two accused was hammering the victims character (the victim was autistic) during this vicious victim blaming rant he said this is a crime where there is a lot of false reporting such as is the case in RAPE – yes that’s right he said RAPE was the crime where there was more false accusations than other crimes. Of course he was also abusing a learning disabled person as well in very unsavoury terms. The Judge said nothing (appeared half asleep) which I found more shocking frankly the entire experience was completely traumatising. Of course with our legal system there is no way to complain or do anything about this appalling, obnoxious sexist git!


“Media: please stop referring to female crime victims as “beautiful.” Would you call a male victim “beautiful?”” I’ve seen a couple of examples of this as well, & it annoys me, as I feel it to be not only unnecessary but offensive & insulting. One example was a programme on the Investigation & Discovery channel called The Perfect Murder. In this particular episode, “Two beautiful dancers are strangled in their apartment. The case leads cops across New York City, where dreams of stardom can drive young people to desperate measures”. Another example is another programme on the same channel, called Suspicion. In this episode, “a beautiful engineering student is found brutally raped & murdered. The tragic event inspires her best friend to risk her own life in pursuit of the killer”. Why do the EPG writers think it acceptable to describe these victims of crime as ‘beautiful’, for Christ’s sake? What have their looks got to do with the fact that these poor women were victims of horrible, sick crimes? Surely it’s irrelevant? When the victim is male, his looks are not mentioned. Indeed, one male murder victim on one of the shows on ID- who was a successful businessman- was described as “having everything going for him”. The female murder victims I mentioned were not described in this way, not even the female engineering student. Ridiculous.