I was at a ceilidh with a group of single people as part of a meetup. One of the lasses there pinched my bum while we were dancing together. We’d done some light flirting but that’s it. We met again a few months later at another event and she did it again.


A few weekends ago I was hanging out with a few gal pals and one of them told a story about how she went to a club to dance with their friends who were all female. A man came up to them and began grinding one of of them, she said to him “Sorry we aren’t interested we are just here to dance with each other” Then he tried to dance with the other women in group and stayed with them until another male noticed their distress and approached and danced with them to scare him away. To my friends I said: “It is really awful that males feel like they can do whatever they want with women if another male isn’t “claiming” them and that we need men to “save” us from men” To which another one of my female friends responds: “yeah but at least it’s nice they do it” Come on ladies! You have to stand up for women or else no one will! It’s a societal problem that men don’t respect womens’ authority and boundaries don’t accept as part of life it doesn’t have to be this way.

Defense on the Dance Floor

I was at a club with a few of my friends from high school, four girls together, we’d been travelling all day and were just visiting the city so we were wearing clothes comfortable for the weather, tank tops and shorts and sneakers but we’d felt like dancing. We were all fumbling through our awkward dance moves when a man reeking of alcohol came up to one of my friends and started rubbing his crotch all over her and muttering things like “ooh yeah honey”. For a moment the other three of us just stood there, and I am ashamed to say I had a moment where I wasn’t sure if my friend wanted this or not but then when I saw the fear in her eyes I spun her away from him and said she was my partner while another of my friends went to inform security that he had a little too much to drink.


WHY can’t I relax on a night out with friends and dance without having to worry about the attention that I may be attracting from men? I don’t want your attention. I am not ‘trying’ to make you look at my bum. I do not want you to look at or touch my body. I am trying to have a good time with my friends.


Last night I was in a club and a boy grabbed my wrists and wouldn’t let go until I kissed him. My ex-boyfriend’s friend saw and instead of helping he called me a ‘bitch’ and a ‘Horrible person’. But at least the club played good music, yeah?