I was on a placement year abroad in Spain. I was talking and seeing this guy out there for about a month and after going for dinner one evening, he asked if I wanted to watch a movie so I said yes as it was still pretty early on in the night. After around 10 minutes into the movie he started kissing me, I guess this is when I realised he had thought the situation would be one of ‘netflix and chill’. I decided I wasn’t ready to take things that step further, so I told him to stop – but his response to that was “no, it’s okay.” That is where my body froze. Just for a cheery on top of the cake, I was a virgin before the attack.


Went on a blind date with a guy I barely knew but who striked me as smart and kind of witty – well he spent the whole time talking about his job and hobbies, which I at first found interesting, but when I tried to comment on something, he would usually talk over me and continue with his monologue, as if he didn’t care for my opinion at all. He suggested we go for a walk and then simply lead the way without discussing it with me (and he knew I was unfamiliar with the city and didn’t know where he was taking me). He would also often try to appear taller than me, standing up when I was sitting or walking in a way that would push me off the sidewalk and down into the street. At first I tried not to mind it and when there were some awkward silences I asked him questions about himself and such, but frankly after a time it got boring so I started staying silent, waiting if he maybe asked me something – he didn’t. Well suffice to say there won’t be a second date.


I got to know a guy during a friend’s party in Germany. It turned out that we both live in the same city, and he liked to travel the world, so I suggested that we meet up so I could hear more about his travels. Until today, I am not sure whether he mistook my suggestion as getting together for a date. For me, it was simply two people meeting up to exchange news about travelling. We met, and I suggested going to a cafĂ©, but he seemed reluctant and instead invited me over to his place. I didn’t have a good feeling about this at all, but since I was always being told that I should try out new things, I agreed, going against my gut instinct. Once we were in his flat, we stood there in the hall, and he came close to me, put his hand on my shoulder and tried to kiss me. I got a terrible fright and pulled away. He backed off, and since I didn’t want to be rude by leaving at once, we had an awkward conversation during which he told me about the women he’d gone to bed with. After that, I had really had enough, was thoroughly disgusted, went home and never contacted him again. Whether you’re a woman or a man – if you’re not sure whether the other party would like to be kissed/wants intimate contact, PLEASE OPEN YOUR MOUTH AND ASK BEFOREHAND.