I’m an engineering student and I am doing a group project with 3 guys, and I feel like whenever I say something I get ignored

why is being a feminist shameful?

I recently attended an awards ceremony to acknowledge my receipt of the Arkwright scholarship (an engineering award) there were three ceremonies and I can say at mine there was about 200 people who received the award, out of these 1/4 were girls. I know that 27% of applicants for the awards were girls. this upsets me. We were asked to fill out on information sheet before hand and the presenter would read our facts and aspirations as we walked along the stage. My interesting fact was “I am a keen feminist wanting to work towards increasing the number of female engineers in the UK, starting with me.” I was proud to walk across the stage with that phrase. when I told my sisters and peers about it they told me it was cringey and awkward, “I can’t believe you wrote that” they said. I am not ashamed to be a feminist, I am not ashamed for people to know that I am a feminist. Why do girls think it is a shameful think to be, this angers me greatly.

Beth spooner

when talking to my teacher about my EPQ topic (sexism In engineering) he told me that doing an engineering course is a good choice because I’ll have my pick (in context of It being a male dominated subject). it really baffles me that he could be this sexist when having an open discussion about it, it also annoys me how I naturally brushed over the comment and only realised later how extremely sexist it really was. I am definitely using what he said in my essay to prove my point, can’t wait till he reads it!


“I told my sons, make sure your wives breastfeed and then you’ll never have to get up in the night for a crying baby” (Same man in the same conversation) “I never used to get up when my kids cried as babies… it’s what wives are for”


I’m exhausted. My job is so laborious and I have been the only one working so hard at my job because my manager does not enforce the same rules for men as he does for women. Everything I do is questioned, micro-managed, and gaslighted. If a male co-worker makes the same suggestion, then he gets his way. I wanted to get into engineering, because I know I can do it, but I never thought that the people pushing back we’re my superiors.

Beth in Management

Working Asa human resources manager in a male dominated engineering consulting firm. I was the only female manager the firm had every had in their 35 year history. I was purposely excluded from meetings, was provided with incomplete information, was marganilized regularly, talked down to, told I was stupid, it was regularly implied that my human resources based skill set was less valuable the the predominantly male technical skill set. I was regularly subjected to bullying, sexual harassment, sexually jokes and innuindo. I watched the firm go from 27% female technical staff to 2% female technical staff at the hands of a single executive who appeared to want to wipe women out from the company – every time he laid off staff the “hit list” was predominantly female designers or engineers. These same women were paid less, recieved less promotion, and were kept on mundane entry level tasks far longer than any male counter part was. In the end, I was also fired and replaced by a man. Engineering has to be one of the worst industries for women to work in. I now work in a female dominated environment and I’m loving it.

A Determined Girl

I became our robotic’s team co-captain earlier this summer. One of the boys in our team is extremely sexist, so when I got into a leadership role through hard work and commitment and he did not, he keyed my car. I can’t prove anything since I don’t have a recording, but he left early in anger and was one of the few people in the parking lot. I know that big scratch down the side of my car was meant to intimidate me, but it only makes me more determined. Whenever he tries to stare me down, I always win. I’m not a quitter. He should know better. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


I was called a cum guzzler by a supervisor in an open office environment with my peers present.


While I was applying to do engineering at university, my grandparents and aunt (who have degrees in engineering) gave me some advice: “that no matter how hard you try, you will never be as good as your male coworkers. You should go into something more female mind orientated like accounting, afterall your female brain won’t be able to deal with 3D structures, maths, and design as well as a male brain could. Even if u try hard your boss won’t acknowledge you like he would for your male coworkers. That’s reality Rina, just deal with it.” I ignored them and I am an engineering student now. Last year, when I have caught the train back from uni, and strangers have seen me carrying my big heavy engineering books. Three times in the last year, they’d ask in a slightly condescending voice “oh engineering… how unusual”…”a bit strange for a girl isnt it?”… “so how are you coping with that?” I’m doing better than most of the boys on my male dominated course, despite my female brain, but thanks for asking.


At Home Depot, I asked an employee where the hardware section was (I was looking for builder hardware e.g. ties and hinges). He laughs and proceeds to give me a 2 min lecture about the difference between hardware and software in computers. Then he tells me to make sure to find someone handy to help me. Instead of asking for a clarification, he assumes that I don’t know what I’m talking about.