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mad, overprotective, younger sister

Men, even the self proclaimed ‘woke’ ones, who don’t understand that when someone has told you they’re not interested, you should stop with all the advances. My family’s been friends with this guy through my brother for like 4 years now. We’re increasingly becoming done with him. Major reason why? His inability to keep it platonic with my sister. They already talked about his one-sided feelings and agreed to remain friends. And yet he keeps doing really awkward stuff that irritates and embarrasses my sister. Worst of all he’s frequently stated how emotionally dependent he is on my sister, and that their ‘friendship’ has helped him through his mental illness. From that alone you might think, all he’s done is thank her. Well no. He’s said ‘he’d be depressed without her’ with puts responsiblity on my sister for his health, and holds her accountable if she wants to end the friendship that he has made so stressful and infuriating. He’s had the gall in a club to grab my sister’s hand, and said her leaving his sight triggers his anxiety. She justly left him alone in the corner of the club while she danced with her friends. He comes over every family event and then proceeds to stay the whole weekend even once everyone else has left. My sister hates this, because he doesn’t deserve all her time. Not even a husband should be attached to the hip of his partner. He’s just being a creep now, not respecting boundaries. And this is a dude who acts all woke about social injustice, and yet he’s been very sexist to my sister with his behaviour. Leave women alone, if you can’t keep your dick in your pants, do her a favour and remove yourself from her life