I went to the Free Britney Spears Rally. “The Blast” in Los Angeles and Hollywood which is a tabloid had a reporter criticize one of my new friends at the rally because her bra was showing, instead of focusing on it being a civil rights or human rights issue for equality. Disgusting! She would be fired in NorCal.


I was in Primary School around 9 years old playing football with some boys in my year. Then one of the boys kicked the ball badly and they all started saying “Even girls can do that better than you”. It made my friends and I feel less confident in ourselves and from then on I never took sport seriously.

Ruth Williams

Our local school just renamed its ‘houses’ – guess how many were named for women? Not one! Well not quite… on challenging the decision I was informed that one house was actually named for a local woman that just happened to be from an influential local family… ok, so that will be why she wasn’t mention by name or any of her achievements noted!


Today, I was watching an interior design programme which was following the lives of a small family who wanted to build their dream house. The mother of the family was going to be in charge of ensuring the builders were working efficiently and doing their work and she would also be lending a helping hand & her husband would be looking after the children whilst she worked on the house, I thought this was wonderful and she was doing a brilliant thing, unfortunately the presenter of the show thought otherwise as he constantly called her out for small issues, such as she may have mislaid a brick or measured inaccurately, he even went as far as to say ‘Perhaps she should’ve been the one looking after the children..like most women and let her husband do the work’ which I find disgusting. I went on the watch the following episode of this programme where the house was built, it was beautiful! Perfect in every way imaginable, unfortunately the presenter kept calling out the woman and laughing behind her back and being incredibly rude indeed! #EverydaySexism


My housemate went to a quiz night, he’s just walked in and said – ” We won the quiz and we had a shit hot name – ‘Quiz on my face and tell me I’m pretty’. “

Stephanie Hayes

My housemate (he’s 24 years old, I’m 32) – “Women should never shave any part of their heads, it’s a big turn off for a man. So if you do it, just so you know – I’ll hate it!” I did it – I fucking love it! : ) MY HEAD, MY HAIR He also added, “Women should never have tattoos on their arms or any part of their body that are obvious.” I have a tattoo on my wrist, my shoulder and my pelvis. And just for you, Adam – I’ll soon get a whole sleeve of tattoos, on MY BODY


Walked on too the bus this morning when I heard a guy behind talking about who the best rapper was. It was like a show or something I really don’t know, but then he said that some girl came on and he just automatically turned the tv off. I was surprised because when Nicki Minaj has her anaconda video-which is great I’m not knocking her- they will watch it over and over again. It’s all about the sex in rap. Especially for the women.


In my university where I study art, there are classrooms around our art studios where they teach plumbing, construction, etc. There isn’t one female in any of those classes, all just guys. They frequently catcall, whistle and comment sexual remarks to the females in my class. This happens frequently and it is not okay.