I recently shaved the sides of my head and was really happy with my haircut. However I then ha people say I have a ‘man bun,’ or that I look like a lesbian. Offensive on so many levels. I should be able to have my hair the way I want it without people negatively commenting.


My school uniform code won’t allow boys to have long hair, even though girls are allowed any length. The school maintains that it is sticking to the Equality Act but I don’t think it’s right.


Sometimes when I go to the bathroom, there are many other people in there because it is a public school bathroom. People might say “You know that this is the boys’ bathroom, right?” I would reply “Yes.” People around me would then ridicule the other person for thinking that I was a girl because of my long hair. After that, I would always take a pause before I went in, looking at the sign that said “BOYS” is big white letters.


I am planning to shave all my hair off to celebrate graduating high school this year. I have stopped even mentioning it because, no matter the context or group, someone always has to say that short hair is ugly on girls, that I might look too masculine or worst of all: no-one will date you if you look like a guy. These comments will not change my mind, it just annoys me that my hair should only be in a style that will get guys to date me.


Inspired by #TheySaid, except it wasn’t what he said, it was what he did. A boy in my year made a comment about girls shaving, I made a comment back. Thing is, I don’t remember what either of us said, all I remember is him pinning me to the wall and pulling up my trouser leg so he could make fun of how hairy I was. I think we were about 13, maybe 14 at the time. Weird that I only remembered this when I saw that hashtag and started thinking back about my body-shaming experiences. I wonder what else I don’t remember…?

Abigail Neely

Hi, I’m 13 and I live in Oregon. I recently cut my hair into a pixie cut. This might not be a HUGE deal. But the day after I cut it everyone loved it. But during art a boy, who was my friend, came over to me and told me “I don’t like your hair, wear a hat or at least a hood” later he started trying to put a hat on my head. Again he came over and told me “I just hate your hair, short hair on girls is gross. You should have left it long.” I was very insulted and thought my hair looked good. But he didn’t stop. He still makes little comments.


I am a long-haired man, and have been since I was fourteen. I have been told my whole life to get a hair cut, that I look like a woman even though, apart from the long hair, I look extremely un-womanly, that I’m “gay”. I have been shouted at more times than I can count by cars full of young men and -three times- by cars full of young women, specifically with hair-related comments.


I have been natural my entire life and I am proud about that. From age of 9 to 18 I had dreadlocks and I cannot tell you the amount of people who have said I needed to cut them off to look prettier. Eventually, I started to believe it so I cut my hair when I turned 18. For the last three years I have been doing afros, marley twists or cornrows. Then, on one fateful day, a guy I was interested in said, ” You should put weave in your hair because I love to have something to pull on.” I MEAN WHAT THE HELL??????????????? A few months later I started my dreadlocks back up and I have never been more happy about it. Do not let anyone dictate the way you look. They do don’t have the right and they sure as hell don’t deserve it!!


I decided recently to cut my hair short and dye it an unusual colour. My dad and grandparents and that side of the family didn’t take any kind of offence to the fact I was bleaching and damaging my hair and dyeing it a crazy colour, but their problem was with the fact that it was short, because it wouldn’t make me look as feminine. I love my short hair, and I frankly do not care about how “feminine” I do or don’t look, and am glad it’s been cut, because it’s sure better for me than long hair.


At work a week ago I was returning a carton of milk to the dairy case. I was wearing my hair in pigtail braids because it’s too thick to do much else with it. Well, an old man I passed saw me and felt the need to call out, “A milkmaid!” I’ve since switched to a different, older-looking hairstyle, not because of that alone but because I am harassed at work SO MUCH that I’ve come to expect it every time I go in, and I suspect it’s due to both being female and my youthful appearance. Oh, and a few weeks ago a male customer stopped and stared at me for several seconds after his transaction was done, then left saying sarcastically, “Keep smiling.” I don’t go to work to smile and look pretty. I go to do my job and earn money. That’s IT.