Harrassment is okay if you’re drunk


Girls night out at local pub, a table of about 10 of us, just having drinks and enjoying each other’s company. Two males, with a little too much to drink, invite themselves to sit down at our table and begin asking all kinds of nosy questions – what’s your name? Why are you all here alone? Alone? Jackass.. look around I’m surrounded by other women. Then start putting hands on several of the ladies and one guy tries making a grab for one lady’s breast, and making faces like he’s tonguing her. Basically broke up the entire night and everyone started to ask for their checks. The guys then tried to pressure several of the ladies to take them home or give them a ride someplace. Thankfully none of them did. Men who look at a group of women out for the night and say to themselves, “You know what’s missing from this picture? A Penis.. that’s what…” Just drop dead dude. No respect at all, the assumption that because we don’t have a man along with us, we MUST be cruising for one? And then when I tell other people about this.. women and men… I get this response…”Oh, they were drunk, and I mean, you should take it as a compliment.. they thought you were pretty.” Really? So I should be flattered some strange drunken male who can’t keep his hands to himself wants to butt into a clearly closed group of friends out for the evening? And, I should also excuse the behavior because he couldn’t hold his own damn liquor? Yep, that makes all the sense in the world. Idiots. I got home from that experience and just shook and cried in my husband’s lap for a couple hours. I’ve pretty much stopped having Ladies nights out as a result. Not worth the risk of even worse next time.