A kid in my grade, has a girlfriend, hitting on one of my friends. He has done this to multiple girls this year, while having the same girlfriend. Offhandly comments, ‘oh, she would be mad if she knew i was talking to other girls.’ Gives lewd winks and smiles to us, and when we get angry, ‘gals, I’m not mansplaining you, I’m just right’ says he is a huge supporter of gender equality. Yeah right. Nope. Prying into our personal lives, inquires about private group chats, says, “I’m your friend, that’s why it ok for me to know all about you.” Reached over to previously mentioned friend, pulls a hair, and says, “i’m gonna clone you. Maybe your clone will like me better” me and 2 other girls (both of whom he has hit on this year (cant help but think I’m next)) sit with him for 3 periods, and we are on a message stream together. We are in 6th grade. I do highlands dance, which requires complicated costuming, but a basic for all the costumes is a lace dicky pinned underneath the collar. At festivals and competitions, girls will walk around in just their bras and their dickies, with their kilts, because man, those black velvet jackets get hot! Well, apparently were hot without the jackets too. Men will get richer s to a competition or a Scottish festival just to stand around watching dancers stand around and warm up in sports bras with lace pinned to them, and swingy kilts with nothing on under but a pair of black booty shorts.