… I’m the first women at my school to be a football player. I’m a model who loves fashion and loves sports. Men are awful my coach is awful. I can stick through all that but what I can’t stick through is when people tell me to brush off the coaches sexist remarks. They tell me to stop being so sensitive. I’ve been told to “man up”. I started football because I liked the sport, I continue football for all the girls to follow and the girls that will interact with these men with small minds who believe we can’t amount to what they can.


When i was 15 years old, my teacher (he is really funny, Always joking) told me to clean up the board. While i was cleaning the board, he was making some jokes and everyone, including me, was laughing. Then he told the class to stop giggling and continue working. But i still had a smile on my face, so he slapped me with a stick on my ass in front of the class and he told me take my Job more serious. Everyone was laughing again, I knew he was “just” joking agian, as usual, but i felt uncomfortable and humiliated.


I’m very young just a freshman in high school and started my period last summer. ive heard oh its natural. But i cant help but feel ashamed that im built this way. These certain guys in a couple of my classes they sexulize me and make me an object talk about how im just good for sex (they dont say that) but all they do is make fun of me and say oh hey how about you tap this certian guys balls.guys get mad or upset when i flaunt my 4.0 or say how i like d&d and and science all i am to people is an object one to be used and thrown away

High School Teacher

Hi, I am a 18-year-old-French-high school student. My economics teacher is a white sexist patriarchal man. When a girl in my class asks a question or comments on the topic that we’re working on, he says “a woman who is silent is a gift of the Lord” (in French “une femme qui se tait est un don du Ciel”) and whenever a female students says something he doesn’t agree with he says for those who know French “c’est de la mauvaise fois typiquement feminine” which basically means “she has bad faith / she is lying like women do”. Finally, he calls one of my female classmates “la nulle” (which means in French “you suck”) I tried to speak up, both in class and to the principle, who is also a man, but every time he is excused and I am told to stop being “so sensitive” and to lighten up and learn to take his jokes… I can’t take it anymore. Those sexist jokes give legitimacy to this patriarchal society, send the message to the boys in my class that it’s ok to mistreat women while we girls are invited to remain silent and accept the discrimination. Those comments repeat the stereotypes that continue to harm us today. I just wish the school would speak up and sanction this teacher….