A sad passenger

When I was in a high school, I was just a calm kid, not sporty at all and liked staying home. Because of that I was bullied by my peers, they called me not stylish, not modern, not beautiful. Only when we talked face to face to someone they behaved properly, but when they were in a group, they started laughing at me(cowards). And while I was talking to my classmate he said that it would be better for me to go away now as other guys are gonna come from the meeting and will start bullying me even more. “This is much easier to take a pain killer, instead of remove the problem”.-A sad passenger


I went to work at the club, and after a customer got me drunk he took me in a cabana and raped me while i was intoxicated, and left me with $200. I have to see him every time I work at that club.