Public space nonsense

Back when a student, riding a train back to my hometown. Some guy sits next to me and suddenly starts to feel up my thigh. Unfortunately for him, I was also reading a 900-page textbook and promptly slammed it on his hand, which made him stop, but we definitely shouldn’t have to resort to that. Also random old guy stopping me in the street and offering me 20 quid to sleep with him. And guys calling me a fat ugly slut for not dropping everything and letting them shag me on the spot. I’ve stopped counting.


When I was about 19 years old I was walking back him late and there are at least 2 cars that I can remember that stopped to offer me a ride, one with a group of young guys inside and one with just one older man inside. When I refused the offer from the group of guys, they said “then walk bitch, what do you think we’d do to you, f***ing bitch”. When I refused the ride from the older man he proceeded by driving very slowly following me and telling me how beautiful I am and trying to convince me to come in. I felt helpless and started running until he gave up and told me that I suck.