Job application

Joel Briscoe.

I applied for a job recently, in short, they had search me online and found my YouTube channel and replied to my email application by accident by saying my ‘Mrs looks worth a go’ with a link to my YouTube page for the intended to be able to presumably also gawp at my girlfriend. Here’s a link to the post I made on Facebook with all the emails and contact described on it.


Although this is minor I’m very annoyed by this. I’ve been looking for a job where I can transfer skills to and learn some more. I’m quite strong through my time working with horses (e.g., hooking up trailers, carrying the tack, the rare case when strong wind has brought down the fencing and a horse had escaped, falling down and getting stuck. We all (3 of us) pulled it out and the horse was completely fine. I’ve also had to unload pallets from a lorry full of feed weighing roughly 10kg per pallet, with had vehicles to help but I still have to carry then into the storage room). I applied for a job last night where I’d gain training and this was the response I got “Thank you for your interest in the apprenticeship position at Amani International. However, this apprenticeship would involve heavy lifting and therefore would not be suitable for a female due to the nature of the role, so I have rejected your application. Kind Regards, Sue ******”. On my CV it says what I’ve needed to do in the past plus hour much I’ve had to carry. Suppose they thought if another woman sent it then it would seem acceptable. I will note that they did not specify who they wanted to work their like some do which I do not mind. I can’t be the only woman who applied work for them and got turned down because of their ‘apparent’ “inability to lift due to gender”. I’m so furious!