I was 13 and there was a guy in my class. He insisted that he was my boyfriend. I denied this every time but he kept insisting. I came out as a lesbian and he said that he could fix me. One day, I mentioned to a classmate that my brother and I would be going to different play rehearsals after school so we would be walking home separately. We were in different houses. He heard this. When I was walking home, alone, later that evening, he grabbed me and pushed me against a wall and tried to kiss me. I tried to make him stop but he kept saying that I wanted it really. I kicked him in the dick and ran into the small store nearby. I couldn’t stop crying and asked the woman who was the cashier if I could hide in the back room while I called my Mom.


I recently shaved the sides of my head and was really happy with my haircut. However I then ha people say I have a ‘man bun,’ or that I look like a lesbian. Offensive on so many levels. I should be able to have my hair the way I want it without people negatively commenting.

Kat (15)

Ok so first of all, I’m trans (amab) and genderfluid. This isn’t a specific event but rather a summary of most sexism I face. The first is online DMs, I haven’t been sent any dick pic yet but some form of sexual harrasment (usually from someone much older) is common. I’ve had people ask which genitals I find most attractive, I’ve had people ask to be my sugar daddy I’ve had people tell me how pretty I look with my hair tied back. At school people have told me I’m not girly enough and that I’m too girly. People have told me I can’t be a girl because I’m a lesbian. People think that no one is sexist against trans people but my experience and the experiences of a lot of people on this website prove them wrong


“You’ll be giving off the wrong mesage,” my supporting mother warned me as i decided to get the big chop and go from bum-length hair to pixie bob short. I was raised in a somewhat conservative-somewhat liberal hispanic household. Yes, my extended family preferred longer hair saying women’s beauty is exentuated with long hair. When i had my hair chopped off, they didn’t like me spending too much time with them in family environments. They didn’t want to risk associating themselves with a potential “gay”. I am not gay. I checked. I just fall closer to the androgynous line tis all. My mother knew that and the following day she also had her hair cut short like mine. I don’t think we were invited to any family gatherings that following year all because of wanting to be modern and not keeping the hispanic cultura. It’s a thing in many other culturas too.

Paloma Rosales

“You look like a boy,” they say to me far to often when I get my haircuts. I typically grow my hair as long as I can manage; That would usually be when my hair reaches my hips. When i decide to cut it, I never just get a trim. I start all over again and cut it into a pixie cut. I adore short hair. However, it never fails in bringing the public to comment about how it makes me look tomboyish or like a lesbian. My family and close friends assume i am making a statement cutting it so short. My mother tells me to put on makeup with my short hair to make myself appear more feminine. Who defines my femininity and my personal gender/sex preference? me! Not them. Now my hair is close to reaching my bum and i look forward to the day i go back to my pixie cut.


Hi, I’m almost 16 and some time ago I came out to my good friend. After I told her I’m pretty sure that it’s not about “The Right Guy” he said that she loves me no matter what but she doesn’t agree with this. So I asked if she had any questions about me, but if I’m being honest I just wished that she would ask about anything, I just wantet to talk about it with someone, but she said that she has some gay friends so she doesn’t need any more information. Well you could say that her reaction was great,duh she said she loves me no matter what! But she also said that it would make her uncomftable if I would start talking about some girl that I like. I bet that every one who was oraz is going through any kind of comming out knows that this is reaction worse than saying she wouldnt want to know me anymore bc she’s still your friend but friends are supposed to talk at lest about most important things!So I told her this, but she her reaction was that we can still be good friends even tho we don’t talk about this one thing. And it would be ok if she wouldn’t talk about some guys that she likes, and I know that I can’t even talk to her about my girlfriend bc I just know it will be VERY akward. Idk I fell like I’m stuck bc I don’t want to bring IT up again. I feel like this all situation is unfair and yes I’m very confused about my sexuality but i’m sure about my feelings to my grilfriend and it makes me sick that I can’t talk about this to anyone. I hope you’re life is great and I wish you best ❤

Tales Avellar from Brazil

(I’m actually a trans boy, but as I’m not on hormones I’m seen as a girl) – When I was kissing a girl at a bar table and my friend started yelling to a guy, about him recording the kiss with his phone for future masturbation. – When I had to wait for the bus in the early morning to go to school, and one day a car followed me real slowly yelling the things they wanted to do to me, and I started to pray for that to be all and for them not to drag me in. – I love to go to the movies alone, but I stopped going for a really long time after the man sitting next to me stared at me all the way throughout the movie, and I was so terrified I went to hide in the bathroom crying and stayed until I thought it was safe to leave. – I live with my grandmother, and we ordered a desk. She didn’t want me to open the door for the guy alone, because recently she had to do it and the guy, standing on her doorway, started saying he had a stomachache and putting his hand inside his pants because it “hurt”. – At school it was a well known fact among the students that the PE teacher stared at girl’s breast and touched them to correct their posture in a different way than he did to the boys.


I’m 13 years old and I regularly get shouted at by boys and girls from the state school a few streets down from mine (an all girl’s private school). I have short hair and identify as queer and when i walk home from school, I get called ‘gay’ and a ‘dyke’. A few days ago some girls ran after me and my friend (who also has short hair) and pointed at two boys who were part of a larger group. She told me that the boys found us attractive, while the large group and girl next to her giggled. Sensing that this was a joke- boys tend to find me ugly because of my short hair and masculinity- I just said ‘I’m gay’ and walked away with my friend. The girls squealed so loudly, I felt genuinely apologetic for the public. I hate being humiliated by groups of teenagers and made fun of by boys for not being ‘feminine enough’. I’ve had a lot of issues with my gender identity and it makes me sad when i get called ‘he’ in an insulting way or when the idea of a boy liking me is ridiculous to others. I got catcalled by four men in a furniture van on my way to Sainsbury’s and my mum has experienced the same kind of public humiliation being french and made fun of for that. It’s happening more and more often around where I live and I’m realising that I have to be cautious of who I tell about my sexuality. I’m afraid that I will be physically hurt if I walk home from school alone, but there is no alternative way to walk home- I have to walk past the hill at the bottom of the school where they gather.