Anon, 15

as a lesbian in my school dating another girl at school we are constantly asked if we can prove our relationship by making out -like they want us to give them a live porn performance- from the guys in our classes when we refuse this is often met with comments such as “why are you even dating if we cant watch”, “ugh lesbians are just no fun”, “snap chat me and we can arrange something” Like SERIOUSLY we are just 15 and just because we don’t like men doesn’t make us a challenge or something to be attainted


Hi, I’m almost 16 and some time ago I came out to my good friend. After I told her I’m pretty sure that it’s not about “The Right Guy” he said that she loves me no matter what but she doesn’t agree with this. So I asked if she had any questions about me, but if I’m being honest I just wished that she would ask about anything, I just wantet to talk about it with someone, but she said that she has some gay friends so she doesn’t need any more information. Well you could say that her reaction was great,duh she said she loves me no matter what! But she also said that it would make her uncomftable if I would start talking about some girl that I like. I bet that every one who was oraz is going through any kind of comming out knows that this is reaction worse than saying she wouldnt want to know me anymore bc she’s still your friend but friends are supposed to talk at lest about most important things!So I told her this, but she her reaction was that we can still be good friends even tho we don’t talk about this one thing. And it would be ok if she wouldn’t talk about some guys that she likes, and I know that I can’t even talk to her about my girlfriend bc I just know it will be VERY akward. Idk I fell like I’m stuck bc I don’t want to bring IT up again. I feel like this all situation is unfair and yes I’m very confused about my sexuality but i’m sure about my feelings to my grilfriend and it makes me sick that I can’t talk about this to anyone. I hope you’re life is great and I wish you best ❤

A Walk in Public

A couple times now my girlfriend and I (bi f) have been harrassed while walking down the street. Men have stopped their cars in the street to roll the window down and say ‘aweee’ and have even gone as far as taking pictures of us holding hands and asking us to ‘give eachother a kiss’. We’ve been called dykes despite not identifying as lesbian and it’s not a term that we’ve reclaimed. We are scared to travel even in Canada because of these comments that strange older men seem entitled to making. Oh and don’t forget the constant threesome offers as if our sexuality is completely about and for the display of men.