One thing I’ve noticed when I’ve brought a guy back to my place for the first time is how they will go through my stuff, particularly feminine stuff such as makeup, and sneer at it derisively. I also happen to have a large collection of books and technical equipment such as Arduino, but they completely ignore that and instead look to belittle me for ‘spending so much on makeup’ (I don’t, I always buy the cheapest products as I don’t believe in ploughing my feminist dollar into the cosmetics industry, but even if I did that would be none of their business). It seems like these kinds of men who hate women for being so ‘shallow’ are the same ones who will rate women out of ten for their appearance – hypocritical much?


When I was ten or younger, my older sister and her friend were doing their makeup. Her friend turns to me and asked if i wanted to try some. I replied that I didn’t like make up and don’t want to wear it. she shrugs my answer off and relpies, ” I remember when I went through that phase”. Her response has always stuck with me. I’m 17 now and come to school everyday makeup free. Some phase huh?


Talking to a friend about why I wear makeup when a boy decides it’s appropriate to call me a ‘slut face’ and say that ‘I only wear it to impress boys.’ He’s said similar things to others before, and no one has done anything because it’s considered ‘normal.’