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I was hardly 12 or 13 when I went to punjab with my parents for a trip. We all were returning from somewhere and we all sat well in a bus. a think man with red check shirt of black strips sat two seat next. Mom and dar and my lil brother went to sleep. I was awake, never a fan of sleeping in vehicles. There was this mirror at the top head some centimetres near to that man and he smiled. So did I, kind gesture. Afterwards he kept smiling and staring at me through the mirror. I was terrified and I didn’t want to wake anyone up, so I ignored. We got off the bus and took our luggage out at the station. The man stood somewhere near and kept smiling and staring. I shouted, “mom, he is staring at me” and mom told dad. Dar who was busy taking out our luggage felt frustrated and spoke out curses to the person and then we left. I mean it was strange, weirdly strange. I felt helpless, what I really wanted was to drill his skull with those point eyes along with it. I wanted to be strong and the moment when I needed to be, I wasn’t. I didn’t talk about it and still don’t after it happened, but it stays somewhere and makes me go crazy and mad.