Went to go purchase a new washer/dryer combo with my boyfriend for our new home. Salesman was very friendly, but when I would ask questions, he would answer them looking at my boyfriend. Never flat out ignored me, just directed the whole purchase process towards my boyfriend. At one point though, he made some comment, directly to my boyfriend, about women and doing laundry, about how we had to have everything perfect and we’re the only ones who know how to do laundry anyway since the man is off at work. He said that, laughing, facing my boyfriend. I was standing right next to him. My boyfriend kind of went silent and then just was like, um, we both do laundry. The salesman shut up. Kicker was, the credit card we were using to buy these appliances? Mine, in my name only. Sheesh.


I was really excited to get into the workspace environment and start earning heaps of money, money… But I found out the highest paying male job and woman jobs didn’t add up… For Woman it’s Judge — law $355,844 which is understandable but males Judge — law is $381,323 and it’s number 13! The highest is Neurosurgeon which is $577,674. WOmans Neurosurgeon is second and is Neurosurgeon $323,682… THAT’S $200,000 less! It makes me think that because I’m born female I get less money. If I had the same skills and just say I was a boy (With some phoney evidence) I’ll get more money. Guess I’m getting a sex transplant so I can earn that coin!~


A man, about 50 years old, asked me in the middle of a street if I wanted a job as his secretary, because he needed someone who is fluent in German. That was a lie, he actually wanted an escort lady. He asked me how old I was, I said 20. He said: “Interesting, my daughter’s 19. THANK GOD, SHE IS A VIRGIN”. I became angry, left at once. When I stood up, he pulled 400$ out of his jacket and waved with them. Apperently he thought I didn’t take the job because I didn’t believe him that he was able to pay enough!!!


My boyfriend comes from a quite “traditional” family and was raised to believe that the man should always pay. For our first few dates I wasn’t comfortable enough to confront him about it so I let him pay for dinner, after a few dates I insisted that it was my turn and he agreed it made sense but was obviously uncomfortable with it. The waiter was hugely unhelpful by immediately offering the card machine to him after the meal and making a teasing shocked face when I said that I was paying and commented on how lucky he was!


Once I did the experiment: my boyfriend and me were on holiday and were going to have lunch and dinner out almost everyday. We have a common credit card but I usually have it in my wallet, so in ALL the restaurants I was the one who took it out of my wallet (often in front of the weiter who is going to charge us). The credit card has my name, NEREA, a girl´s name. There was no occasion in which the weiter gave me the machine to put the PIN Code. In another occasion, I was having a drink with 3 more friends (2 boys, and a girl). The weiter came and I gave 20 euros (it was about 12). The boy next to me gave him, LATER, 50€ saying he wantedd to pay (we started the typical discussion between us because we both wanted to pay. The weiter took his money when I said it was sexxist because I was the first one giving him the money and because, moreover, it was better for him to take 20 and no 50, so he did not have any excuse, it had to be sexim. The weiter apologyied in this ocassion and said I was right, It was a mistake and that it had been a sexist action. At least, I think he was aware and that we will think next time in this kind of situations!