I was talking about Mara Castillo (the girl raped and killed by a cabify driver here in Mexico) with a co worker and he said “well she was really hot actually”.I did not know if I should feel ashamed of this world, my country, should I cry , scream or what..?


2 weeks ago, my old friend’s oldest daughter (about 29 yrs old) was stalked by the boyfriend she was trying to break up with. For weeks. Police did nothing. Nothing. Finally, when walking her dog in her own nice neighborhood, he surprised her in the street and shot her dead. They make TV shows about ‘crazy ex-girlfriend’ and ‘fatal attraction’ but THIS? This stuff is in the news all the time. Oh, and then he trotted off someplace and shot himself, too. We know it’s most dangerous when we leave men. . . .


Shana Grice, 19 years old, was murdered by her ex-boyfriend. She had reported his abusive stalking of her repeatedly to police. The police fined her for wasting their time and treated her reports with skepticism. Thankfully, the ex-boyfriend was found guilty and is now serving a life sentence. But this case just goes to show how little women can reply on the police to take them seriously. The judge criticised the police for their attitude towards her and for stereotyping her. How many more women need to die before we are taken seriously and afforded the rights and protection that we deserve?