“Parents dead in murder-suicide at Sugar Land home as 16-year-old daughter slept inside” Instead of: Domestically violent husband kills wife, then himself in Sugar Land They make this appear as if you do not know who the perpetrator is, then the police tell the friends to not talk about a likely disturbing email the morning before the killing. Of course, they wouldn’t report domestic violence.


A few days ago, there was a protest in my city against rape culture. It had been organized by two high school girls, after an incident involving several high school boys (from an all-boys school), in which they had made frankly terrifying and degrading remarks about certain female teachers at the school along with women in general. I attended this protest, which was held in front of our country’s parliament, as so many are. As you can imagine, there were plenty of members of the press there, along with what I imagine were freelance photographers. It appeared on the news that night, as a main story. Here I am, two days later, seeing online articles being published. And the backlash is just horrifying. The newest headline, and I quote, is “Consent education isn’t an attack on boys”. Which is correct, of course. But even this statement is apparently too harsh, even in light of the events that sparked this protest in the first place. I used to think my country was at least a little more progressive than some, but my faith in my own people is seriously dwindling. I’ve seen grown men whining about how they’re “always going to be the rapist”, when it comes to a drunken encounter with an equally-drunken girl. I’ve seen people claiming that we need to tighten our alcohol laws, bear down more on parents when it comes to responsibility, and every excuse in between. Of course, being sober and having responsible parents didn’t help when I was pinned to that bed, silently weeping and sincerely praying for the first time in my life, that I might get out of that room unhurt. Fuck this world. I can’t deal with it anymore.


So I was watching the news with my mum and Theresa may comes on and she is doing a speech about globalisation. She is wearing a nice dress which she looks great in. Said dress is completely shoulderless. I couldn’t help but get annoyed when the first thing my mum mentioned when the prime minister was delivering her speech was how good her arms looked?? This is the prime. Minister. Who cares about her arms? If it were a man my mum wouldn’t have mentioned how nice his arms were. Why is it that because it’s a woman she suddenly started analysing her appearance and completely ignored the entire speech? Rant over.