no belly allowed


Some people don’t think this counts as sexism but this frustrates me. I am 14 years old and lover of athletics and sports. I wore a flowy crop top with another floral crop top underneath just in case the flowy top flew up if we were doing something like the high jump (which was one of my favourites to do as we don’t get to do it often). So after one of my jumps over the high jump on my way back to the line my female teacher stopped me and told me that my top was Innapropriate so I should wear a different too next PE lesson. I got annoyed and glared but didn’t say anything just attempted to explain that I was wearing something else underneath but she just shrugged and repeated herself. I wore a hoody the rest of that period. The next period I decided not to get in my teachers bad books so I changed my top to a thick material black top that went down to my elbows and had a high neck that didn’t even show my collar bones, the only skin you could see was a slit between the bottom of my top and the top of my Joggy bottoms. The teacher stopped me again and told me again that my top was Innapropriate not explaining why. I thought this was ridiculous as the top didn’t even show my belly button. That was a while ago, I haven’t worn a crop top to gym since. I still get annoyed as the boys in my class wore baggy shorts that you can practically see up, and not a word was breathed to them. Is this sexism?