This didn’t happen to me but I witnessed it a few months ago at a conference I was at. So, it was a healthcare conference in the UK. Lots of high-profile speakers at an event being held by a very well known think-tank. We received an excellent speech from a geriatrician about the way that an ageing society was changing healthcare, she was maybe in her 30’s very well-presented and obviously super smart. I really enjoyed her speech. She was immediately followed on stage by a journalist in his 60s who was giving the next presentation. His first sentence was “I am [Insert name here] and I am a futurist, which means I live in the future.” Then without pausing for breath he goes “Typical woman, you’ve nicked my bloody microphone”. He was referring to the geriatrician who had taken the microphone with her when she left the stage. There was an audible gasp from the audience. He apologised, but I don’t think he understood the irony of saying he lived in the future and then demonstrating a completely prehistoric point of view. I was so angry, the geriatrician gave a really intelligent speech establishing herself as an excellent doctor but at the end of it he still clearly saw her as ‘a woman’ not a professional. Also stealing isn’t even a stereotype of women???