Sporty Tween

I was a sporty tween that played soccer and was quite fast at short distance running. I was naturally athletic but because I was a girl, I was labelled as a tomboy. When I would beat all the boys at my school in running races or a game of soccer, they would claim that they were going easy on me, because I was a girl. Girls can be brilliant at sport, but also not be tomboy because they are. Example: Sam Kerr, brilliant Australian soccer player. And do you know what? When I Googled “famous female athletes”, the suggested pages where all “Top 50 Hottest Female Athletes.” Women are more than an object. They are human beings and they can be sporty, smart, artistic, or whatever, without being labelled and objectified.


Having yet another policeman/teacher come in to tell us how we have to be careful sending explicit pictures/wearing revealing clothing because ‘boys will be boys’ and take advantage of us. If it’s such a big problem then tell the boys not to take advantage of us! Shouldn’t I be able to wear what I want without being objectified! I’m a minor, if they objectify me it’s not my problem, it’s theirs!