online comments

too curious

Something I read mentioned a classical music piece, so I look up videos, of course. One of the first choices is a female pianist. Amazing stunning beautiful playing. Since I have no classical music knowledge I look at the comments. To see if it’s ‘technically’ as impressive as it sounds. Just curious. Apparently it was. It was commented on many times **after** how beautiful, sexy, charming, etc. she was. There are a lot of female pianist listed as as other ‘related’ choices. Yay! Spent some time listening to some wonderful music. And the comments are quite clear these women play beautifully And they’re sexy, sweet, charming, and look that little smile! too. Okay, I think to myself maybe I’m just being too critical. This is a visual medium. I’m looking at live performances. Maybe it’s the same for male pianists. So, fantastic, more time listening to lovely music. Sadly, though, while I listen I go through pages and pages of comments. Most discuss the performance or the piece of music played. A couple of comments about sweat dripping down one pianist’s nose. Of course, this is a compliment; a sign of the work required. *One* person pointed out a specific time where they thought someone’s hair looked odd. Once one person commented on how the pianist was ‘over-acting’. None of the male pianists had comments on how handsome or masculine looking they were. Which may be sad for them. Of course, they also don’t have to worry that if they’re not beautiful no one will care if they play beautifully.