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When I was around 11 years old, I often met my uncle who used to be at my aunts house. At the time, he used to tell me to give him a massage. During those times, he’d attempt to get me to touch him down there, but I wasn’t an idiot, so that didn’t happen. On one occasion, i was done watching movies with my cousins and siblings, they left the room and he called me over and tried to kiss me on the mouth. Again, was fortunate enough to move away and quickly leave. I am almost 18 now and I just found out that he tried the same with my younger sister who is almost two years younger.


When I was 14 I was desperate for friends and lonely and thought that if I had a boyfriend or was pretty then I might have friends but I wasn’t and I didn’t. So I did what every lonely gen z teenager does and tried to find friends online. I found some but I found many many more who just wanted to see my boobs or my ass. I also found a guy that, on a post I made about being depressed and alone, dm’ed me how he would feel me up in my sleep. I also found my self in 2 emotionally abusive relationships. One was with a guy old enough to be my dad who sent me videos of little girls dancing cause he got off to it and he wanted me to as well. He made me feel gross and disgusting and suicidal but I couldn’t leave him because he was the only one who talked to me. The other relationship was with a guy that would pretend to rape me and then cry about he would never do it again and he was so sorry and I didn’t leave because I had been conditioned to go along with what other suggested and never say no. Another guy who was 18 told me he loved me but only texted me when he was horny or occasionally when I injured myself. I still feel sorry for the fact that I might have hurt them when I left and I’m still terrified that I might actually be the type of girl these guys wanted. A desperate slut that does get to say no and ok with being abused so she’s not alone because for a while that’s what I was. I still haven’t found the courage to report the pedophile because I’m afraid my parents will be ashamed and blame me and I feel guilty because by not reporting him I’m enabling his continued abuse.


My sister and I were standing in the driveway when a truck full of construction workers passed us and one yelled out of the window “Hey, how’s it going”. I know it isn’t necessarily a rude thing to say, but the circumstance, me being seventeen years old and my sister being thirteen, was disgusting. We obviously were not going to start chit-chatting, he was catcalling two minors who both look our proper age, if not younger.


I clearly remember the first time I was sexually harassed. I was maybe 7 or 8 years old and I’ve always been very tall and generally seeming older than I was. I was walking home from school which was about a 15 minute walk. When I was crossing the road, a guy eho was about 35 clocked me and wouldn’t stop staring at me. He got out of his way and even made a full 180 to start following me. I was really scared and started walking faster, but because my legs weren’t long enough, he eventually got to me, built himself up around me so I couldn’t escape and started asking why I was crying. He made it seem like he was hugging me so other pedestrians wouldn’t be concerned, but he started touching me and called me things like “pretty young lady” and asked how old I was to already be this beautiful. After a few minutes that felt like an eternity someone finally called the police cuz I wouldn’t stop trying to escape his grip and he had started to become rather violent. I’ll never forget this.

Emily S.

I went to the grocery store earlier today. I was alone. I was in the bread aisle looking for some rye, when a man said “You’re a really pretty girl.” I said “thank you” and continued my search for bread. He stepped closer and said, again, “I mean a really, really beautiful little girl….young woman, I mean.” He then asked me if I was married, what my name was, how old I was and where I lived. I said I wasn’t married, lied about my name and where I lived as to be safe, and told him my age. He told me he had two daughters and a couple granddaughters, and told me that he spoils them. He then proceeded to say (in an uncomfortably sexual way), that if I was living with him he’d be sure to “keep me spoiled”, too. He said he was a 69 year old man and that he “never does this”, but he saw me and just “had to” tell me how “beautiful of a girl” I am, “a truly cute little girl”. It was honestly so disgusting and he even became touchy, patting me on the back and half-hugging me. The rest of the time I spent at the grocery was filled with anxiety and I was constantly on watch to make sure he wasn’t following me/wouldn’t follow me home.

A good girl

A story from Finland. I was 12 when I was visiting my aunt and her husband like I often did. My aunt’s husband, let’s call him “Sami”, got drunk and started commenting my new, more feminine body in very inappropiate ways. When my aunt went to kitchen to do the dishes and I was left alone with Sami in the living room he started touching my breasts and thighs and said obscene things. I was so horrofied and shocked that I could not do anything but sit still. I had known Sami for years and considered him a safe nice adult and an authority. I was raised well, a good girl, it did not occur to me that I could, and SHOULD, say NO to an adult. The evening was terrible. Always when my aunt emerged from the kitchen me and Sami acted normal and when she went away Sami started touching me. To this date, when I’m 27, my aunt does not know. I only told my parents and they asked me what I wanted to be done, and I said I don’t want any drama, I was so ashamed. Of course my parents should have told the police and Sami should rot in jail. But they were schocked and ashamed too and on the other hand, sexual crimes in Finland are practically no crimes because no one gets a penalty. For years I tried to forget it all and did not think about it. When 10 years had passed and I was 22 I started to go through it again and realized that Sami must be a pedophile. I remember that when I was a small kid, like 7-10, he wanted to go in the elevator alone with me and he told that it is customary to kiss if two people are together in elevator. He just pecked me, so no long kisses, so I did not realize it was wrong although I hated it and did not want to do it. Soon I started saying that I always take the stairs and I developed a kind of phobia towards elevators. Also I remember that when we were in the archipelago where there are a lot of ticks, he wanted to do a tick-check to me every night, which meant that I had to undress and he watched me very closely from every angle. I felt very uncomfortable but he said it is important to find any ticks. When I now, as an adult, realise what that all was, I feel so sick and I hate him so much allthough I would like to be a good christian and forgive him. People like him should never be let alone with kinds and young kids should be taught that in certain occasions they can, and must, say no to adults.