pet store

That Pet Store Girl (28)

So (obviously by my name) I work at a pet supply store as the main cashier. I get more hours than any of the other cashiers (all girls of course) so I know a lot of the regular customers. Most of the regulars are halfway decent, but there are definitely more creeps than I’d like. I could write a novel with all of the comments I’ve gotten over the 3 years I’ve been with this company (even working at two different locations). But honestly the worst of all of them is my general manager. Granted, he’s very loud and outspoken with everyone, and he gives everyone nicknames (I have no less than 3), but he pushes my boundaries a lot more than I like. The register area is cubicle sized in a U shape, but he insists on being literally right in my bubble. He overhears me talking to my (female) supervisor about how I thought that last customer was cute (even though I’m happily engaged, don’t judge) and he has to comment that he’s going to tell my fiance or how supposedly I’m having relationship problems or whatever. I also belly dance. When I started picking up my weekly classes again I told him I can’t work Wednesday nights. I didn’t originally care about him knowing so I told him the truth about it. Now I wish I’d said I had a book club or something less… tease worthy. And the greatest part of all of this? He’s 54. Old enough to be my g*****n father. I don’t know if he does it with the other girls, most of whom are underage or just barely 18, but I honestly can’t wait to start my new job. I need to get out of retail.