When I used to work as a lifeguard (recently quit as I couldn’t handle being the workplace object), I went for a swim after working a shift. My colleague was lifeguarding and wearing the wrong colour socks for our uniform, so as I was in a good mood I decided to joke around and tell him ‘you’re not supposed to be wearing those socks’, to which his response was ‘I’ll only take orders from you when you’re wearing a white bikini’.


So this happened when i was about 6 or 7 years old. Now i am 22 an i only recogniced it as sexual assault a few years ago… I was in a swimming bath and this perhaps 12 year old boy dived by and rubbed his hand between my legs… This must have been the first time i ever encountered sexual harassment and it took me really that long to realise it.


I love my dad and have always felt supported by him so I was very saddened to hear him calmly explain to me recently that the reason women don’t play snooker is because “our arms don’t move like mens and our boobs would get in the way”. I tried to explain to him it was due to ingrained sexism preventing women feeling comfortable entering snooker clubs, leaning over tables to be potentially leered at and the burden of history of a sport that originated in gentlemens clubs. He just scoffed at me. My mum was thrown out of a pub in the 1970’s for refusing to stop playing pool with a female friend.