I went to the Free Britney Spears Rally. “The Blast” in Los Angeles and Hollywood which is a tabloid had a reporter criticize one of my new friends at the rally because her bra was showing, instead of focusing on it being a civil rights or human rights issue for equality. Disgusting! She would be fired in NorCal.


I’m a 24-year-old journalist. I was at Cambridge Magistrates’ Court today for a hearing, and, like everyone else I had to go through their security checks – bag search, walking through the body scanner, etc. When I went through the body scanner the alarm sounded (I was wearing bracelets, a watch). So, one of the guards came over. He passed the metal detector several times over my boobs, and the detector made a sound, presumably because of the wire in my bra. He said: “That’s a bra”, to the amusement of the other guard standing behind me. Yep, women wear bras, you d*ck. I’ve emailed the courts with a complaint.