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My friends and I were thirteen. We were on a school trip. One day we were visiting a crowded market. I was with a friend who is quite curvy. That night she was crying herself to sleep in the room we were sharing for the trip, I didn’t know why. She finally told me someone had grabbed her ass in the market, but when she turned around she couldn’t see who had done it. The event shattered her self esteem completely, since that day she always wears huge, baggy clothes to cover up her beautiful body. The very next day a group of men whistled at her and another friend. We never told any teachers but I wish we had brought it up.


When I was 16 my class went to Italy for a week. We stayed at a hotel outside of Rome so we had to use the train to get into the center. On one of those days – we were about to go back to the hotel and had to use a tram to get to the train – my class got separated. My teachers and most of my class managed to get into the first tram, me and maybe 3 more people couldn’t fit in and had to wait for the next one. When we got on it was completely packed, and in the beginning I thought that was the reason why something rubbed on me. It turned out that it was a 50ish year old man, who then proceeded to grab my boobs and started touching me in all the usual places. I was shocked and couldn’t move, my classmate shoved his hands away but he didn’t care and continued. When we arrived at the train station where the others were waiting we immediately told our teachers what had happened but they brushed it off, and when I wanted to take a shower as soon as we got to the hotel because I felt disgusting they told me if I did not go to dinner directly with the others I wouldn’t get any food. During the same trip I was also yelled at for wanting to go to our room to use the loo/get a tampon. Luckily I officially left that school 3 weeks later so I simply didn’t go to classes after that week.