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Seeta Rajpara

I’m putting my full name here, because I stand 100% with what I’m about to say. My ideas are constantly undercut by male colleagues, who almost always have less education and experience than me, and I’m overlooked for what I contribute to the company. It doesn’t matter that I work over 60 hours a week, while my male counterparts hardly do the same. They laugh at me behind my back for being “too serious” but I’ve been fighting this for years. They get ahead, only because they are men. Of course, there are plenty of men who are actually intelligent and humble, but the problems lie with those undereducated men who don’t know how little they know. This is dangerous and bad for business. It’s a constant problem, but I am an Ivy League educated woman of color – these people who condone blatant sexism like this will be on the wrong side of history. The optics of this kind of behavior, especially in 2020, are abysmal. Let’s fix this.