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When I started high school age 11 in UK most teachers were sexist towards most of us boys but them people who behaved in year 7 like me didn’t get any of that sexism. The boys in my year started calling me a teachers pet and retard and even things like transgender and gay which I explicitly told them I wasn’t. I’m not homophobic or transphobic, but instead I believe it is homophobic to refer to all people they don’t like as gay as it gives way for homophobia. When I was 13 I sorted all things out with the boys in my year and they’re alright now but when I joined in with the mucking about in class which the girls also do but in a less prolific way, the teachers started being sexist to me also. Before, when I asked to go to the toilet which was as much as I do now I was allowed. Whether or not people are allowed to go to the toilet in class depends on who asks. If its a girl or a male teachers pet they say of course you can and they have to let everyone else that asks go as well to cover up the sexism. Not all teachers are like this, though. From the day I started year seven, I’m year nine now and age 14, I noticed something strange and weird about the music teacher who never shouted at my class because we all knew like had that gut feeling that he had a crush on someone in our class. However to the other class, he was shouty, to all the boys, and the girls he didn’t like. We all knew and still know that he fancies people in our class and in our school. He is sexist, because when the girl he fancied was moved to the other class, he started being shouty and shouted at the boys, but only at one of the girls. To make matters worse, he DRANK OUT OF A 13 YEAR OLDS BOTTLE without even getting permission from her and then just wiped it with a wet wipe. If I was her, I’d have got him fired.