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Working with a “friend” who was one of my friend’s fiancee. He came out telling me that he thinks of me sexually the last 10 years. He told me that he was obsessed about fucking me and he insisted on giving it a try although i was screaming no in his face. He told me that he could rape me if he wanted to. After this incident he started a campaign of slander to all of our common friends and acquaintances about how I was the one who was obsessed with him and how i tried to seduce him while he was an innocent victim. He told everyone all the personal information he new about me and bullied me in several ways: e.g. he took my backpack in front of me scattering all my personal staff on the floor while laughing at my face. He is a sick psychopath, and i wish i had saw all the hints of who he really was on time.

Ying Yue

I was sitting in my Computer Science class logging onto my computer when I heard some boys making sexist comments about how “women should stay in the kitchen” and “if ahything has gone wrong within a home, the wife will be behind it”. naturally, I was upset by these comments but chose not to say anything since I was the minority (there were about two females in the room at the time). What made it worse was when a guy I knew relatively well started openly slagging women off in front of me, knowing my views on feminism and how women should be treated – equally. I didn’t know what to do, but I decided to challenge him. He began saying even worse things to all the girls in the room. Finally, the most horrible thing happened. My friend – a girl I’d know for about five years – began to laugh and agree with him, saying things such as: “Oh, good one!” (referring to his joke) and other such comments. I got so upset that I ran from the classroom at the end of the lesson. I know that this situation wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been, but I’m just so fed up of people thinking that it’s funny to slander women, and for others to agree just because they’d get retribution if they didn’t. Sometimes, I feel like I have no voice, and even if I do, people forget what I’ve said and reverted to their old ways. I’m just…tired. So done with their crap. – Ying Yue, teenager