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I was at a store buying somethings I need. It was pretty packed but the aisle I was in was rather free. Although it’s pretty narrow, I had to bend down to pick something up and as I was coming back up I felt something touch my butt. I look back and it’s an old man in his 50s, 60s (I’m 20) just creepily smile at me with his eyes wide open and say ‘sorry’. He walked into me when he could’ve easily said ‘excuse me’ or asked me to move, (or literally wait 2seconds for me stand up right and he can pass) but he clearly wanted to walk into me. He touched me with his protruding belly (which I’m honestly glad he had, or else I would’ve felt his stuff on me). I was disgusted for the rest of the night and couldn’t wait to get out of there.


Went to go purchase a new washer/dryer combo with my boyfriend for our new home. Salesman was very friendly, but when I would ask questions, he would answer them looking at my boyfriend. Never flat out ignored me, just directed the whole purchase process towards my boyfriend. At one point though, he made some comment, directly to my boyfriend, about women and doing laundry, about how we had to have everything perfect and we’re the only ones who know how to do laundry anyway since the man is off at work. He said that, laughing, facing my boyfriend. I was standing right next to him. My boyfriend kind of went silent and then just was like, um, we both do laundry. The salesman shut up. Kicker was, the credit card we were using to buy these appliances? Mine, in my name only. Sheesh.


This didn’t happen to me but today my teacher talked to us about sexism and showed us the ted talk video. After school me and my mom went to stores to try and find scents for our house and we went to a family dollar store and coming out there were two men and they’re was an Asian women going into the liquor store beside us and one said out loud “damn there go my baby”. ” hey ling ling”. it was loud enough to where she heard it and I heard it also he turned to his friend and said ” I would do some shit to that” he didn’t even say her he called her a “that”