As a teacher I have been: MASTURBATED OVER in class by a special needs kid every time I went in his class- weekly for a year (teachers told me to ignore it my job was in the balance, there was a language barrier and I wasn’t really in a position where I could address it. I was also made to high five every kid in the class at the end of lessons, yes, including *that* kid), spanked by a 12 year old, trapped and encircled by a group of 14 year old boys making comments about how they were going to use my body (during teacher training), groped and touched more times than I can remember, had sex simulated on me by the friends of a student who asked for help just to position me so his friend could fake-fuck me, FOLLOWED HOME ON THE TRAIN WHILST STUDENTS SHOUTED ‘TITS TITS TITS’ at me, I’ve been subject to daily jokes about my body, had photos taken of me without consent, asked what colour my pubes were and other sexual questions, and a whole load of other shit that has become so commonplace I can’t even see it any more. STAFF have told to ‘take it as a complement (by a head of year), told me I’d risk losing my job if I reported being followed home (my boss), moved out of boys’ classes as the solution (rather than them being addressed). Asked for a snog from a married male colleague. Had my arse patted by male colleagues in Japan (not recently but I’ve seen this and other inappropriate behaviour at office parties every time I’ve gone and attendance isn’t always optional) The worst thing about it is that nobody ever deals with it and I am in a position where I will be let go if I rock the boat. Damn right I’m angry about it all to this day.

Tori German

Hi. My names Tori and I’m from the Uk. I’m 17, and I’ve never really realised that sexism was still relevant until about a year ago when I started getting comments about my body, specifically my “lack of tits” quote from a person in my high school who said that I couldn’t draw nudes because “I have to have tits before I could draw them”. That was when I really started noticing. I’m a young artist, who’s Inspiration is nude women. I love to do nudes because everyone is unique and a piece of art and I love to recreate the individuality of that person onto canvas and paper, but now that I’ve started branching out into the art world, people (specifically men) have told me that it isn’t right for a lady to be doing nudes. That I should ” stick to drawing kittens and flowers”. Or that my art wasn’t erotic because there was to much “emotion” on my muses face. Just last week, workmen who were doing power lines next to my college yelled degrading things about my body ” nice Pusey, shame about the tits though” to each other. I was less than a meter away. Another time the same crew shouted at me “hay baby, wanna hang out at my place, I’ll show what it is to be a woman.” I feel horrified and scared. Sometimes I feel like I’m not a real woman because my chest isn’t largely endowed or that men don’t respect me because I’ve not got large breasts or I’m not tall. I feel like they don’t respect me because I’m intelligent, that they see my worth, not how much I can contribute to society but how good a f*** I’d be. Don’t get me wrong, I know not all men are like this, but the male members in my family say just ignore them, don’t take it personally. Your a grown women now, you have to expect it. I just feel like I’m not respected or acknowledged because I’m a woman. Does anyone else feel like this?