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Kat (15)

Ok so first of all, I’m trans (amab) and genderfluid. This isn’t a specific event but rather a summary of most sexism I face. The first is online DMs, I haven’t been sent any dick pic yet but some form of sexual harrasment (usually from someone much older) is common. I’ve had people ask which genitals I find most attractive, I’ve had people ask to be my sugar daddy I’ve had people tell me how pretty I look with my hair tied back. At school people have told me I’m not girly enough and that I’m too girly. People have told me I can’t be a girl because I’m a lesbian. People think that no one is sexist against trans people but my experience and the experiences of a lot of people on this website prove them wrong


hey, so basically im a trans male. (born female, identify as male) and one of the people I had told (before I got outed) kept asking me really personal questions, like what gender I liked and men I was attracted to. and then, a few days later, they grabbed me in an area I felt uncomfortable with. they acted like it never happened. when I confronted them, they told me I overreacted. they made some derogatory remarks about how im in a female body and i shouldn’t be there, and I wasn’t a real man. it made me extremely dysphoric, and for days after, I felt extremely insecure and like I wasn’t good enough. however, eventually with the support of my friends, I stopped talking to him and reported him to my school. now, I’m mostly alright. im sorry if this isn’t allowed because I’m transgender, but i hope this still applies. im a lot happier now.


I was with my boyfriend at the time sitting outside starbucks in the Arndale Centre (huge public area). My boyfriend kept pulling me to kiss him. I was shocked after the first time and I went rigid because I didn’t want him to, I wasn’t ready. He kept pulling me towards him and I didn’t want to kiss him but he kept trying to shove his tongue down my throat. I can’t kiss anyone anymore. I feel like I don’t have a right to call this assault though because its just not a huge thing, it’s only kissing..

My first time encountering harrasment.

Context: I’m 14, and a TransGirl. I was walking to my bus stop from school, when a man in a blue van whistled at me. Being socialised male for the past 14 years I’ve never encountered this, and I felt incredibly uncomfortable. As I waited at the bus stop I noticed the van about to drive past so I put the hood up on my hoodie in hopes he wouldn’t whistle again, luckily he didn’t.

The Nameless Newton

I’m a 13 y/o trans boy. Twice in my life that on my walks, someone in a car yells at me in a masculine and conscending way (probably think i’m an adult woman, I look old for my age) I don’t know what this means, I get that feeling that these people want to rape me. Speaking of my name, I’m fickle and therefore very confused. I’ve had the names Tyler, Fredrik and Niall before, none of which i like. I like the names Evan and William but it’s hard getting accustomed to a name, I’ve chanhed my name a billion times anyway.


I took a job at a convenience store which sells a lot of alcohol. I’d been working there for a week when I was left in the shop by myself on a busy saturday evening. Where I worked wasn’t sketchy at all, just the occasional drunk. But a middle-aged man came in with his friends, jeering and shouting. When he sees me behind the till, he immediately leans over the counter, puts a hand on my shoulder and asks if a ‘pretty lady’ like me has snapchat. I politely say no, and don’t bother to correct him that I’m a trans-man. He tried to slip me his number when i told him i had a girlfriend and wasn’t interested. He starts shouting in my face, calling me a faggot, slut, etc, and insisted i was just playing hard to get. I then refused to serve him, At which point he said he was going to cut my throat after i finished work, before leaving. I called my manager as soon as he left, and all he said was “You should expect it” and chastised me for overreacting to a regular customer, and it was just an empty threat. I left that job within the hour, and I had to get my flatmates to escort me home. The guy was waiting, but seeing my male flatmates made him back off.


I’m a 12 year old transgender guy. I’m afraid to use the men,s restroom at my school because a boy at my school said that if he saw a “girl dressed up as a boy” (referring to transgender males like myself) that he’d beat them “to a pulp”. Another moment, at the same school, the same year, was when a group of about 5 guys who came up to me and a friend of mine, threw my friend to the ground then touching me on my chest (breasts) and my crotch (vagina) and yelled things like “hmmm doesn’t seem like a boy to me”.