I was on a very busy tube on my way to work a few months ago at about 8.30am when I felt the back of a hand pressed against my groin. I felt uncomfortable but brushed it off by assuming the man wasn’t doing it intentionally. When the tube cleared a little I moved a couple of steps where there was more space, a couple of minutes later I felt something stroking the inside of my thigh (I was wearing a dress). I turned around and the same man had moved right behind me and it became obvious that he had been touching me. I glared at him and he got off at the next station. It affected me for the rest of the day, a mix of disbelief of what had happened and annoyance with myself for not calling him out.


I was on my commute home last summer. I was wearing a dress with thin straps, as it was a really hot day (and even hotter underground!). I got onto the packed carriage at Holborn, squishing myself in and quickly grabbing onto a rail. As soon as we started to move, a man reached across this CROWDED carriage and grabbed at the strap of my dress. No words from him, just laughter as I turned to him flustered, saying “Excuse me?!” I wish I could’ve thought of something witty or insulting to say back to him (why is it that I can only think of those things AFTER the incident occurs?). But part of the reason why I didn’t push it was the lack of reaction of those around me. This man’s arm obviously bumped into 3-4 other people as he reached across to pull at my dress, but nobody cared to do anything. They just stared at the floor, the ceiling, their phones. In my head, part of me thought that I shouldn’t start anything because I would just annoy the commuters who just want to get home after their long work day. It makes me angry that I think such a way, that I would rather accommodate everyone by staying quiet and uncomfortable, but there you go. I like to think that the next time something like this happens, I’ll be braver to speak out. But we’ll see.


So I was traveling to work on the tube in London and it was very busy, like a sardine tin at 08.30 in the morning with everyone pushing to get onto the trains. About one stop into my journey I felt a man pressing against my ass. I moved but he moved with me and continued to press his GROIN into my ass. There is literally nowhere to move because the train is so packed so I wait until the next stop and then move further down the carriage. This asshole moves with me and attempts to do the same thing again. I turned and stared at him, confident that I would shout out loud at him if it carried on another minute. He then got off the train and I actually felt really stupid for not saying something out loud. Like I was embarrassed or maybe I was wrong…but I know that I was not wrong. I reported him to the transport police but sadly they did not have any CCTV to prove anything so I dropped it. It made me feel quite powerless actually. and how does any asshole have the right to do this to you on your way to work!?


I was groped on the tube (Northern Line) on my way to work. I didn’t do anything, I froze and went into auto pilot. I should have shouted and screamed, but I didn’t. When I told my male and female coworkers about it most of them were shocked that it had happened when I was sober.


This is the first time I’ve posted on this forum, and I wasn’t sure which story I should include. But, seeing as already today, before 9am, horns were tooted at me and I was ogled at on the tube, 4 times, I feel it appropriate to share this. It’s the last day of August. I live and work in London. I have a 45 minute commute on the tube and it gets very hot and very uncomfortable quickly. So, naturally, one would prepare to wear clothing to keep cool, without getting to work looking like a frizzy-haired, sweaty bear who’s just failed at running a marathon. So, today I have on a dress. Not my normal every-day wear, but seeing as it’s summer and beautiful weather, why not. It’s sleeveless, red and black, has a bateau neckline (no I didn’t just Google that) and sits just slightly above my knees. God Forbid. Cramming onto a tube in rush hour is bad at the best of times, but when it’s sunny and warm outside, so many people are in the worst moods ever. Me included: it’s early, I’ve not had my coffee fix, and I’m crushed into a little tin can that’s hurtling below London’s hot and busy streets. So sure, if you bump into me, I’ll more often than not give a wry smile and a nod of the head – it’s ok. But not this morning. I managed to get a seat about halfway through my journey, once I’d changed from the Northern Line to Piccadilly. And immediately a man who had been sat across from me came and sat right beside me. A little weird, sure, but hopefully harmless. It was as his man-spreading increased and his leg was pressed against mine that I wanted nothing more than to actually get to work and type up my Finance meeting notes. When I jumped off the tube and walked out the station, a builder standing smoking immediately wolf-whistled. On my 5 minute walk to work, 2 white vans honked their horns and the men inside laughing who legit looked about 14 drove away on their merry way, leaving me to feel conscious and walk that little bit quicker and warier of any men around me. All for wearing a dress. The most frustrating thing about this is that I feel there is no way to change this behaviour, because it’s all just a joke and lads are being complimentary, innit. Don’t get so worked up about men paying you attention. Well the thing is, I don’t WANT or NEED this attention. I was on my way to work, as I do every day, and I expect to feel safe and normal like any other person. How can this actually change and what needs to happen before men stop. Just stop.