Sport is apparently still in the dark ages. I tweet one thing about football fans invading the pitch at the national stadium and I’m greeted by several men responding or quoting the tweet as “Your GF’s back on Twitter” and “Thanks for that, Emma” along with taking several screenshots of when I either block them or delete the tweet to joke about, to then find out a twitter account had been retweeting all posts from “women/football journos/easily offended” despite there being hundreds of male fans criticising the incident. If you’re a female football fan with an opinion, you’re not only a football fan but you’re ridiculed for your opinion as you’re a women. No, I am a football fan first and foremost, I have the same knowledge as a male football fan.

Natalie McCool

Guy DMed me on Twitter after I appeared on a podcast. Said I ‘gave him a few chuckles’ and he ‘enjoyed my music’…then went on to say it helped that I was ‘half pretty’. Not sure what to make of that to be honest mate. All else aside either compliment me or don’t…Wanker

Chloe Metzger

When a Twitter hashtag asked what women want in five words I decided to be honest. Equality, Equality, Equality, Equality, Equality. While it was possibly my most liked tweet and was retweeted many times, I also faced a lot of sexism. I was told that the gender pay gap was a myth, that feminism had done enough, what more could we want? That women were not meant to be equal to men. More and more tweets from men kept coming in all full of hatred and mocking what I stood for.