I am a lawyer hired by a financial services during a time of great legal change. When I discussed up the changes that would have the largest impact on the business, the male leaders all used phrases like “that will shut down the industry”, “we may as well close the doors now”, “we’ll never be able to sell again”. But it was me that was referred to as ‘Henny Penny’ (a reference to the hysterical female farmyard hen who thought the sky was falling in when hit in the head with an acorn).

Jennifer M.

I am a hispanic female in the predominantly male field of bartending and mixology. Throughout my two year career, I have experienced some extremely obvious and undeniable sexism. On multiple occasions, I brought up strong ideas which fell on the deaf ears of my superiors until the right male counterpart later regurgitated these same ideas. These include such ideas as the incorporation of affordable student menus, the changing of bar policy and happy hour to increase the sales of stagnant product, etc. For months I would pitch my ideas to whoever would take the time to listen. In time, these ideas would become policy; managers and owners introducing the idea as an original from the mouths of my male peers. Eventually I had had enough and left this location.


While pregnant, one of my colleagueas told me that he was sad for my husband, that since I was pregnant I was unbearable. After giving birth I lost 10kg, and now my colleague keeps making references to my weight and how I look so much better tan before.


I remember how at school, a girl took my classmate’s bottle of water and poured the entire thing into his bag, destroying all his books and whatnot. Obviously, he was mad about it, so as a form of mild “revenge” he pushed the girl’s books off her desk. She called the teacher and said that the guy was aggressive towards her. Even after the boy explained that she poured a bottle into his bag, he got punished for pushing her books off the desk and she was left unscathed by it.

Jj Ann

Recently in my school we got a new headmaster, the first male headteacher we have ever had. Lots of the girls at my school wore straight skirt which was part of the school uniform and a bit tighter than the pleated skirt also available at the school. For many years we have been allowed these skirts. The first male headteacher banded then saying they were ‘inappropriate’ and distracting and ‘uncomfortable’ for male staff. According to him now the uniform is ‘a lot smarter’ as the uniform is less revealing and less provocative. Why should he deside what we wear when the uniform has been like this for years, why should my 40 year old teachers be distracted by 15 year old girls!? If they are distracted maybe the OUT head teacher should really think about the real problem.


Even at 11 boys are talking about girls bodies. Apparently a friend of mine has a “cute butt”. I’m like, are you kidding? Plus, another boy called a girl a “but-her-face” — which meant she had a great body but not a good face. It makes me mad that sexism is happening (more than just about bodies, but sexism in other places) at my age. My friend and I made a pact to not wear makeup for as long as possible. Also, the dress code at the middle school I will be attending is targeted at females because we might distract the boys. No tight clothes that show body shapes, no bra straps showing, no short shorts, etc. I don’t understand this. Why do females have to obey certain rules because boys/men are sexual???? Ridiculous. Even though some of these horror stories have made me afraid to grow up, I’ll make sure I don’t deal with any crap.