This was at a workplace conference hosted by a top International firm. As an ice breaker task in a room full of thousands of people we were asked to turn to the person next to us and hug them. Hmm. That was weird for a completely British audience. I was on an aisle seat and so had to turn to the person next to me. For context, I had noticed this guy before during a group activity – he had made some overtly misogynistic comments;the kind of person you feel quite repulsed by without necessarily getting to know them better. I remember at the time I felt really angry but given the situation it was hard to ask him to justify his comments. So, I was not particularly forthcoming with the hug, and hesitantly positioned myself for an air hug. He launched at me and positioned his arms behind by back so as to squeeze my breasts against him. He held on for that minute too long (after the other attendees had pulled away). It was such a small event, but I felt violated. I wanted to push him off me and felt disgusted afterwards. No one but me an him knew that I felt this way, outwardly it was such a normal action in the context. The next time I saw him during the week long conference I crossed the road to avoid any interaction.


On my 18th Birthday in London, my friends took me to a club. I usually would protest to a club. I get very anxious when it comes to big crowds. However, I let them convince me to go out. Surprisingly, I had fun at first. Then, I lost my friends. A man, about 30, saw I was struggling to find them. He approached me, grabbed me, and began to kiss me. I tried to pull away but his grip around my waist pulled me in too tight. After 20 seconds of squirming I was able to run away. I felt violated like never before. But it was a club… My friends just blamed it on club culture. Everyone around us were hooking up. “Take it as a compliment- he thought you were pretty.” I never said anything to anyone else. And no I was not drunk but it shouldn’t have mattered even if I was. I was violated. He thought he could just do that. because it was normal in a club. And he was a man. For days, I could feels his hands on me.


I was shopping alone on a busy Saturday afternoon in Marks and Spencer’s food hall. I was looking at some products on the shelf, reaching up to pick a packet up, and I felt what can only be described as my bottom being groped firmly with two hands. Shocked I looked immediatly around me I’m disgust. To the distant left was a middle aged woman preoccupied herself, and to my near right was a suspicious looking elderly man with a stick. The stick seemed to be one that a partially sighted or blind person would use. I followed the man around the shop and he appeared to be able to see his surroundings and read packaging. I wish I had reported what happened to me, I felt completely violated and freaked out. You don’t expect to be groped at any time but especially not in the middle of a shop in the daytime. I didn’t want to make a scene or waste anyone’s time but I now wish that I had stuck up for myself. I have since seen said man in my local area without the stick.