I was an industrial sales rep. My customers were all men whose tooth to tattoo ratio was shameful. My customers constantly made inappropriate remarks, would try to go in for a hug or a kiss on greeting (NO YOU DON’T EVER TOUCH ME), they would hoot and whistle when I’d walk into the workshop or the machinery yard to work. I wore steel caps and a hi-vis vest, as is law. I was making $70k/month in profit for my boss. He pulled me aside one day and told me to wear makeup. So I started wearing makeup and the behaviour from the customers escalated. I told him it made me feel anxious and intimidated having to wear makeup and bear the escalation of the behaviour. He told me I would make more money if I wore skirts and heels. Into big huge mechanical workshops and gravel machinery yards. SURE I’ll take away my only means of escape from attack so you can buy a second helicopter!

When I refused, he sacked me 11 and a half months into my 12 month probation because I was “costing him too much money”… I made him $70k in PROFIT, not sales, the sales was $110k. I wasn’t even being paid $1k a week salary. My male counterparts make $1500+ a week salary.