I’m Mousseline. My passion is travelling. Because of that fact I can assure you that sexism IS real and DOES exist even today. You can tell only by looking at the amount of male hitchhiker VS female hitchhikers. When i tell people i hitchhike alone from time to time, they say i’m crazy. And to some extent i can understand what they mean because it’s true that i feel scared. But i refuse not to do it anyways because it would take away my liberty. I know a lot of guys that hitchhike by themselves, travel by themselves and rarely they will have any problem. I, as a girl, can manage but i have to follow more rules. This summer, i was hitchhikking trough western Europe. One time, i hitched a ride to a trucker in France. I wasnt in the car for 40 minutes when he proposed to show me his d**k. Then offered me money. Then started to touch himself. I told him to stop the truck and he did. From that day on i never felt safe hitching a ride with a men alone.

Sexism exist because a man feels like he can force sex on me.
Sexism exist because i have to be scared in a hundred situations where men will not.