I went bed shopping on Saturday . It was winter and i did not bother with makeup or doing my hair. I washed my face and brushed my teeth and put on my winter hat. I was wearing jeans and a sweated. I am in my late 40ties. I bought a bed and had it delivered. The bed broke the same night. I called the store and the same guy who half halfheartedly served me the day before came with a delivery man to pick the bed up. I was on my way to work so I had on make up and hair done. wearing jeans and a sweater. This sales guy walks into my apartment and says to me in a seductive voice ” hmmmm are you the same woman from yesterday” I answer yes I am. He them proceeds to tell me what a difference there is and how he would not have looked twice at me yesterday but today yummy.
That is just gross. Why do men think that ANY situation is appropriate for trying to pick women up.
Why do they think it is OK to comment on ANY woman’s appearance in any situation.
Why is it not OK for a woman to go out with no makeup on and a cap on her head on her day off to run errand but men can do this all the time and are never judged.
My own mother will say to me ” you could have put a bit of make up on” on days I decide not to wear any.
Woman in some places can be fired for not wearing makeup in the workplace as it is viewed a unprofessional attire.
I am tired of feeling ashamed of my natural looks.