do not judge a book by its cover

I work in security in a condo. I am an outspoken straight woman with 2 children. People just assume I am a gay woman simply because I wear a uniform. This happens with women and men. I cut my hair into a sweet pixie cut at one point and the assumptions became even more common. One older woman told me that her lesbian daughter was coming to visit and then added that she was single and that we should meet. When I told the woman I was straight she told me that there was no shame with being a lesbian these days and that I should just be me.
After the hair cut a new male co-worker began to tell me that a lot of older woman my age (50) marry and have kids but come out of the closet later in life. I told him I was straight and divorced. This person insisted I was a closeted lesbian and was lying to myself. He then went on to say ( for days and days) that I was a tough woman and I looked and sounded gay. I finally got mad and flipped out and said that all women in uniforms or male dominated professions must be gay then. Police officers, woman in the army, construction works. All of then gay gay gay. Look I said, I have nothing against being gay but I am not a lesbian. I told him to piss off and leave me alone. Yep I was raising my voice. He went to the human resources department and complained that I flipped out at him at work with customers close by. I was let go.
I still cannot believe it happened. I was made to feel like I had a mental issue by the male human resource manager..
Moral of my story. Do not judge a book by its cover. Just because a woman does not wear high heels and make up and frilly clothes does not make her any less a woman . A woman can be tough as nails and work in a male dominated profession not be a lesbian.
Why do men always go to that.
A woman does not assume a man is gay just because he works in a typically female orientated profession.
This is insulting to both straight and gay men and women.
I grew my short hair out because of this. pathetic.